Environmental performance

The U.S. Telegram Service is committed to minimizing the environmental impact that our operations have on planet Earth.

We have taken the following measures to reduce our impact on the environment:

Using less automotive fuel

Sending a telegram instead of a letter saves gasoline. Wherever possible, we utilize electronic transmission of data over long distances instead of physical movement of paper by aircraft or truck.

Waste paper reduction

Our communications are data-driven instead of paper-driven. Our record keeping systems rely on optical imaging, data storage, and software-based ordering systems instead of paper-based methods.

We will continue to make progress in these and other areas within the six fundamental principles of our Green Initiative program:

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

- Minimize waste and reduce use of natural resources

- Promote an environmentally-sound supply chain

- Reduce the environmental impact of our services

- Promote and support environmental stewardship by employees

- Continue to comply with environmental regulations.

The service will periodically review our performance in relation to these six principles, and make any necessary changes to our business practices to ensure that our operations have the minimum environmental impact possible.

Green Initiative