Federal, State, and Local

Government telegrams can be sent to any elected official, from your local level right up to President Biden.

Delivered with Priority

Lawmakers want to hear from you. Make sure they get the message fast by sending your opinion by telegram.

Confirmation of Sending

You'll receive a confirmation email with the date and time your telegram was sent, and a copy of the message.

Now available 7 days a week, including weekends.

For your convenience you can now send a telegram outside of usual business hours.

What is a telegram?

What is an Opiniongram™?

It's a public opinion telegram sent to elected officials. It's the fastest, most impressive way to give your opinion clout.

Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Anyone can send a telegram, whether in the United States or international. There is no residency requirement to use our services.

What is the delivery area?

What is the delivery area?

Any local, state, or federal government office, whether in Washington DC or any of the 50 states. What about other addresses?

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

The service charge for a telegram up to 140 characters (about 20 words) is $14.95. Your name and address on the telegram are free of charge.

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